Friday, 26 October 2012

Sad demise of a talented Comedian

The news of death of  Jaspal Bhatti in a car accident took me many years back to the days when we had very few hours of quality TV programs rather 100 of channels giving 24 hours of trash.
I didn't know besides his many talents he was also a cartoonist.

Enjoy this short clip on Jaspal Bhatti goes to by a laptop.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Anand wins again!

Sports discussions at office are almost always about cricket. Most of my colleagues have forgotten that there is game called Chess which ( unlike cricket ) is played everywhere in the world and the current world champion is Vishwanathan Anand. Chennai had bid for the championship venue but eventually the bid was won by Moscow. I think if Chennai had won the bid it would have given a big boost to chess in India. Interestingly the Russian venue was an art Gallery. Both Anand & Gelfand were playing cautiously but after 6 consecutive draws, Gelfand went 1 up in Game 7. Surprisingly Anand won the very next day. In fact he won specatularly. Game 8 is the shortest game in the history of World championship!. After a tie in regular 12 matches. Anand won the 2nd game of rapid chess to win the title. I was interested in knowing how the sportsmen deal with tension. Anand said in an interview he used to watch British comedies & listen to reggae music as a relaxation during this period. BTW I think the wikipedia page World Chess Championship 2012 is one of the most comprehensive page I have ever seen.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Scocrates, Brazillian Football captain

Captain of the 1982 Brazillian World cup team, Socrates died on 4th December. Reading about it certainly was a great trip down the memory lane for me. But I did not know much about what this great player had done outside the playing fields. Some articles worth reading 2 obituaries (From Guardian) Soccer's Socrates. And one from BBC

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Interview of Dr Devinder Sharma

Dr.Devinder Sharma in conversation with Ajay Kanchan on the perils of Genetically Modified Food. Dr Devider Sharma blog : Ground Reality Perils of GM food - Devinder Sharma ( Interview )